We had the pleasure of working with I DO Ghana Luxe Culture Magazine about a year ago. It was a great experience working with some great vendors and models. You can see the models wearing our Luxury Beaded sets in orange and green, the male model in our cream kaftan top and two black caps. Beautiful beautiful shots, although it was extremely cold that day, the outcome was phenomenal


PHOTOGRAPHY: www.Instagram.com/oye_diran
CONCEPT/MUA: www.Instagram.com/heleneopm
LOCATION MANAGER: www.Instagram.com/alexil7
MODELS: www.Instagram.com/nita_bonitaa

TRADITIONAL ACCESSORIES  www.Instagram.com/tradlookbook

FEMALE MODEL OUTFITS www.Instagram.com/lerever
MALE MODEL KAFTAN AND HAT: www.Instagram.com/tradlookbook
MALE MODEL BLACK/WHITE TOP: www.Instagram.com/lerever
HAIR: www.Instagram.com/hairfocuss