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The chronicles of an African Wedding vendor and Asoebi girl, follow me to the lovely weddings of clients and friends. See the behind the scenes, drama, music, food and fun. Are you interested in being styled by me, visit or call me at 8885198954. Remember to follow me on instagram (@tradlookbook) and snapchat (tradlookbook) This is a fun twist on a blog series make sure to come back for more episodes.

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The face you make when your best friend is getting married the traditional Nigerian way @ms_abii #AbiDaré2017 → Read more

Looking forward to this week! Its going to be so awesome #MOHzilla fully activated JK took me a very long time to get into the dashiki/ankara craze. Now that im kinda sorta feeling it, its not as popular, which is totally cool. Do things in your own (more…)

This spring has been all about    yummy brunches,  catching up with friends, and Ankara, lots and lots of Ankara.    I had to make this power shoulder peplum top and pants set with our purple/lime ankara. you can pick yours up in store and have it styled just like (more…)

Have you ever wondered how to tie one of  our “paper textured”  headties? This video will give you a quick idea of how “simple” it can be.   You can purchase these headties  from our website or directly in store. We also supply group/asoebi orders. (more…)

You all must assume pink is my favorite color, it actually is not but I do find myself gravitating to it a lot. This new look  is a subtle twist on our george fabric. I wore it to a valentine’s day (more…)

Birthday Girl in everything. Hair , makeup, & fabric  is O.V.A.  of course!  There was a snow storm this weekend but when it is your birthday you have to think like”  What snowmageddon ?!❄️☃️”! I  Love how gorgeous my @tradbyova Ankara birthday gown feels! I love every inch of it!


Joy Unshakable, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2017 I’m soooo ready! #tradlookbook I’m wearing our men’s Atiku Fabric but its 2017 so I’ve ‘gotsa’ switch it up and style it like my version of a mini peplum-y Agbada.Fabric, CORAL accessories set And hair extensions available at 1421A Stuyvesant ave. (more…)


Excited for the New Year’s Eve festivities,How are you bringing in the New year?! Hope you all have a fun and safe one!  and for those of you on the other side of the world HAPPY NEW YEAR!Let us style you (more…)


Merry Christmas Everyone from me & the family!! #tradlookbook… back story. Running late to Christmas brunch I had to highjack @oba.aye to take this quickly b4 everyone else left us. Thats why one eye is on the (more…)