I’ve been promising this Gele tutorial for so long, and Just like the month of May it is finally here. Here are some tips to help you along while you tie your Ova-boutique.com Aso Oke. Please Watch in HD, the quality will be better that way and don’t forget to Subscribe to you YT channel

1. Pleat
Pleat a section of the aso oke ,(This is easier w aso Oke, can be a bit more work w other fabric ) Each Pleat should be pulling the fabric towards you.  I like small neat pleats but you can also pleat a few times and they don’t  necessary need to be small sections. Remember to pull your hair back into a high pony tail or  bun so that it does get in your way while you tie.

2. Place
Place the pleated part of the Aso Oke on your forehead

3. Secure
You can tie at this step just to help you keep your base even more secure of you can just pull the shorter end of the headtie to the opposite side to get it out of your way and prep for tying for later

4. Pinch and pleat some more
Bring the longer end of the headtie and pleat it over the base. Take your time with this step, the smaller and neater you gather the headtie the more gorgeous it will turn out.

5.Gather and Tie
Gather each end of the headtie, which should now be equal and tie it either once,twice to make sure it is not going to budge

6. Style
adjust the head to the your taste, make it more flared out or smaller its up to you.

7. Slay those edges
I used silk elements edge control to lay down my edges, to brush it down you can tap a clean brush or a clean spooly into the edge control and brush your edges down accordingly. when   your edges are laid down, you can  gently push the headtie back so your edges show. (This is optional)

8. Accessorize
dress up your look with Jewelry or beads

9. Pleats on Fleek
Make sure your looks the way you want it to, also make sure it is not too loose or too tight, you do not want it it falling off of your head, and you don’t want a headache either

10. Dance…. DUH You’re ready for your event enjoy the party rice and the music. Mae sure you take #tradlookbook on instagram and send us a photo of your Trad look w your beautiful self tied Headtie!

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