Happy New Month!! Welcome to March beautiful people, it somewhat snuck up on us like this spring weather. It’s still a little chilly but it’s so nice to be able to wear less layers (wear less & go out more :P ). Don’t get too comfortable, the New Jersey/New York weather can change up any minute, so I have something to help you stay prepared at all times! Our Embroidered Wifey Beanies and snapbacks. Last month, I shared our Wifey sweatshirts and those have been a hit since we first debuted them. Well now you can see ways to accessorize our other designs.

Not Everyone is into wearing pink with the wifey tee so I toned it down a little and brought out a black skater skirt and a black faux fur vest. Daring eh? It just goes to show that you can style your wifey Sweat shirt or any of our trad Tees with anything. Our designs fit any style and personality. I promise to share the #Hubby version soon, We just need to finalize the design on our end and you all can begin to share all of your his and hers/ couples photos. As for our brides that already have their wifey sweats, don’t be shy & please continue to share your photos!!

Love always,

Wifey Beanie:Ova-boutique.com
Wifey Snapback: ova-boutique
Wifey sweatshirt:ova-boutique
Hair Extensions and Styling: Ova-boutique.com
Indian Necklace/earring/bracelet set: Ova-boutique.com
Model: @tradlookbook
Photographer: @mrigwe