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I made a promise at the beginning of the year to share more content, and I’m sticking to the it. This look gives you a simple yet chique way to style Iro and Buba ( Blouse & African Sarong). The weather is slightly getting warmer here in New Jersey so you might be able to get away with not wearing a jacket.

Featured in these photos are some of my favorite pieces. I wore this cute sequin lace peplum top and Iro to a wedding last year but this time I paired it with our Pink Bead set rather than a gold set. I also wore our Aso Oke Gele. I rushed the tying & styling mainly because my fingers were way too frozen and numb to pleat & slay. I was ready to wrap up the shoot and head inside or wherever it was warm. You should expect a PROPER tutorial video on how to tie the iro as well as a Gele/headtie tutorial. YES I said tutorial so please head to our Youtube channel and Subscribe Now because These videos can drop at any minute!. Thanks again for dropping by, do a little shopping while you are here. Take care!


Aso Oke headtie:Ova-boutique.com
Sequin Lace Fabric:Ova-boutique.com
Hair Extensions and Styling: Ova-boutique.com
Beaded Necklace/earring/bracelet set: Ova-boutique.com
Model: @tradlookbook
Photographer: @mrigwe